LIFF - the Virtual Terminal

LIFF, the shoulder pet, helps you earning more and inviting other people.

Making more money with LIFF

LIFF displays the virtual terminal for your Second Life avatar: you earn extra L$12 for each survey completed with LIFF terminal turned on!

There's only one requirement: LIFF wants to see at least 2 people around to give you the bonus. Choose the popular places to wear the LIFF!

  1. Wear your LIFF,
  2. Touch it to turn on the terminal,
  3. Complete offers with Lindens4Free and earn L$12 more!

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Referring other people

All other residents clicking on your LIFF terminal immediately become your referrals. You earn L$15 every time they complete an offer.

This is an additional benefit of completing offers with LIFF Terminal turner on!

Get LIFF shoulder pet now >>